CV of Business Excellence Unit`s Head / CV of Manager en zone russophone Emploi de manager, chef d'équipe en zone Europe de l'est et pays ru , looking for a job of Manager (Anglais/Russe) /

Cv de CV of Manager en zone russophone Emploi de manager, chef d'équipe en zone Europe de l'est et pays ru

Manager of international relations/Key accounts/Quality/any others industries

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Date of last connection: 2019-04-24

Mr. Al... L...


75012 Paris 12 Reuilly

Current situation:

Current industry: Solar (revewable energy)

Size of the company: 101-1000 employees

Current position: Business Excellence Unit`s Head

Number of years spent at this position: 1-2 years

Number of persons you managed: 6-10 persons

Annual salary: 0.00 EUR

Total working experience: more than 15 years

Availability: Immediate availability

Job sought:

Positions: CV of Manager en zone russophone Emploi de manager, chef d'équipe en zone Europe de l'est et pays ru, ,

Industry: Industriel ou d`autre, ,

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract, fixed term contract, Fixed-term / casual work, Temporary work, Agent's contract

Desired working time: Full-time, Part-time, Study-work program, One-day assignments, Seasonal work, Available on Week-ends

Minimum annual salary desired: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR


Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +6

Last diploma : MBA

Current educational level : +6

Other training courses :

Divers :

Geographical mobility: Country : Belgium, Estonia, France

Known Tools / Software/ Methods ISO 9001

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences Lead Auditor QMS licence

Languages English : Fluent
French : Working language
Russian : Native
Ukrainian : Native


Mr. Al... L...


75012 Paris 12 Reuilly


2006 –2008

ICN (Nancy Business School, France
), MBA

1989 - 1992,

1985 - 1987

Kyiv Institute of Automotive Transport and Infrastructure (KADI).
Acquired the qualification of engineer-mechanic.

Training courses:


Sales of services/International Trades,
SGS corporate traning,Moscow


“Sales mastership “,training, Kiev


“International Accounting
Standards/Financial analysis”, training provided by TACIS/”Ernst&Young”


“Negotiations skills” , training of
“Mercury” teaching center, Moscow


“Marketing of services”. Japanese Center in Ukraine.
Intensive course.


Intensive Course of English. British


LAC (Lead Auditors Course, IRCA),
written exam. The qualification is an Lead auditor for ISO 9000 quality management


Japanese Center in Ukraine. Intensive course “International Trading Operations”.
Successfully completed.

1995 - 1996

Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration. 9 months` Course of Public

Professional experience:

2012 to March 2014 “Activ Solar LLC” (Ukrainian
subsidiary of Austrian-based vertically-integrated Holding); Head of business
excellence department/Compliance officer. The company is a biggest player in Ukraine in area of installation
of Photovoltaic Parks (Solar
electric power stations) and complex industrial projects. I was responsible
for development of core and supported business processes within the company
(more than 100 affiliated enterprises), making changes of processes &
organizational environments; modeling and implementation; creating of
scalable monitoring system of reporting/execution of the projects.

2010 -2012 Audatex Ukraine (Ukrainian
affiliate of German-based company). Business development manager (with
functions of quality manager – IT services B2B). IT technologies for insurance
& automotive areas (expertise, calculation of damaged cars` renovation
cost). I was responsible for direct marketing; development of partnership
network within Ukraine; the projects`
supporting; day-to-day operations with 60 insurance companies and 370
automotive dealers; P&L/forecasts.

2008-2010 DEKRA Certification (Germany), Managing
director of Ukrainian affiliate. Start-up of core business (certification) -
CIS territories; ISO 9001; 14001; OHSAS 18001; ISO 29001 (oil&gas) etc.
Establishment of partners`-consultants network (ISO themes and industrial);
practical consulting – business processes & organizational changes (industrial
segments of ISO, including metals` producing and warehousing industry; mineral raw materials; mechanical
plants` labor safety programs, etc); design and implementation of business
processes (including marketing activities and sales processes); code of
conduct; business development in CIS (Russia, Caucasus, Kazakhstan) and Baltic countries (Estonia and Latvia);
budgeting/ P&L reports; segmentation. Intensive business trips;
Establishment of clients` database and pro-active direct sales (mainly-
industries (fuel, mechanical, mining, cement, electrical (lights and transformations)etc.)

Creation of business
contacts with regulation`s sector (State Committee of Certification and
Consumer Protection, regional administrations of labor and technical safety
(GosTehNadzor, Architecture and construction control; etc)

2007 – 2008

SIEMENS Ukraine, Head of
complex programs & projects. Cross-selling, negotiations with business
owners and governmental authorities. Complex projects in areas of installation
of automatic measure tools and controllers on metallurgical plants, iron
mines, electricity, oil& gas pipelines and machineries; cities`
infrastructures; roads, railways; stadiums etc. Contacts with decision makers
in regional state administrations; business trips (mainly Europe)

2000 -2007

SGS GROUP (Switzerland) , “SGS Ukraine” ,

Branch manager (additional
duties - Sales of Technical Inspections&Certification services); Lead
Auditor of QMS.

My main duties were

to develop inspections in branch`s area (12
regions); inspections of quality and quantity export-import cargoes including
mineral raw materials, industrials goods, agriculture, etc

collateral projects in Ukraine;

administration of the branch (SP&L; staff
policies; material supporting; legislation matters; supply agreements;
company`s cars,etc.

development of new business streams ;

to find/select
of potential clients (B2B), adapt SGS services to particular client’s
needs; arrangement of training for clients ;

negotiations with banks, insurance companies,
state structures included Ministries/State Committees;

sales& marketing (relations with governmental, corporate
organizations in the capital); providing of cross-selling; sales of all SGS
services both to internal/foreign clients;

Initiation and
arrangement of opening of 20-th branch of company in Ukraine ( Lviv) and 21st company’s branch ( Kharkiv).


Daewoo Motors, regional
sales manager. All sales of Daewoo trade marked vehicles & spare parts in
8 western Ukrainian regions.


Kyiv State City
Administration; lead specialist of organizational department (the back-office
of city`s Mayor)

Others: Native language is Russian: fluently Ukrainian,
fluent oral/written English and French. I’m Lead Auditor for Quality Management

skills : Office’s main programs, Lotus/Notes, Outlook, Microsoft Project, Prime
Decisions; MS Visio. My driving
experience is 23 years.

of business visits to countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, Cuba, France, USA, Canada, Poland, Baltic countries, Kazakhstan, etc.-totally more than 20.

December 11

Cover letter

Mr. Al... L...


75012 Paris 12 Reuilly

Manager of international relations/Key accounts/Quality/any others industries

I`m looking for
position, based on my educational and professional background. I obtained MBA. Previously I got a master
degree in area of mechanical engineering.

My skills and competencies can be easy adapted
to new challenges (please kindly find a description below):

have experience as managing director (Ukrainian subsidiary of German based
“DEKRA Certification”). That experience includes all tasks for management by
the company. It started from the very beginning (start-up, registration of the
company, segmentation of the potential market, invitingselection of staff,
implementation of business processes, etc) to fights for the company`s market
share (establishment of tariffs principles, negotiations with clients` decision
makers, motivation of doubters potential clients, getting of clients who
already cooperated with competitors, P&L, budgeting, development of the
company within country and additional territories, etc);

have experience in different areas of businesses including inspections,
certification and verification arrangement. The scope of inspections` covered
such industries as petroleum and
chemicals, transportation, raw materials segments etc. ; I was involved in the
process of my company`s promotion into those markets and to the final targeted customers( e.g. city administrations and
departments of city`s infrastructure; head office and regional branches; etc). There
is certification experience (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22001, FSC).

that, there is fresh experience of work for companies during recent period of
economic decline (“Activ Solar”- renewable energy (Austrian-American Holding) and
“Audatex Ukraine” – IT solutions for insurance and
automotive businesses). Happiness, I was
compliance officer at those companies.

have strong experience in the area of design and implementation organizational
business process related to the office`s business environment ; that activity
includes daily support of all office`s activities, planning for further
periods, P&L control and optimization, documentation flows management and
management of reports;

have pretty big experience of HR (development of documentations; adaptation of
new staff; control of execution; internal regulations), as well as related
financial and legislative tasks;

have wide experience of development of territories coverage (partnership with enterprises,
sub-contractors, experts, dealers located far from head office as well as
business missions to EU, Baltic and CIS countries); there are experience of
business traveling (more than 20 countries, including Argentina, Cuba, Canada,
USA, etc).

3 years I was a compliance officer additionally to my professional duties. I
have experience of design & implementation of “Global Anti-Corruption
Policy” and annual compliance programs
within organizations as well as business processes monitoring (f.e.
purchasing, agreements execution, suppliers` selections – all processes
required of high attention from anti-corruption point of view). I`m familiar
with requirements of FCPA, UK Bribery Acts as well as Chinese, Ukrainian and
Austrian anti-corruption Laws. I`m
practical tutor for compliance trainings for staff.

Kindest regards


Mr. Al... L

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